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All Vespertine

Photo credit to Lala Fisher.

While listening to Bjork, realized I didn’t know what “vespertine” means – just means “something of, relating to, or occurring in the evening”. How pretty. So what are some favorite vespertine flowers in the garden? Moonflower, evening primrose, and night-scented stock!

Zooming In

So great to be using a microscope again! We were using guides last night to identify flowers from plants in the Grossulariaceae (Currant), Rosaceae (Rose), and Asteraceae (Sunflower) families.

Plant Identification

After a few years of putting off learning more about botany, I finally enrolled this spring in a plant identification course at the University of Washington. This was partially spurred by a humbling moment in a new client’s yard where I thought I knew the name of a plant and it just wouldn’t come to me. I’m usually pretty good, but I also didn’t grow up in the Pacific Northwest so there is still a lot for me to learn!

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